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One Flame Doesn't Diminish Another

There's something about late winter that gets me itching for change.

Following the chaos of the holidays, winter should be a time to sink deep and rest (like the plants do).

It can be a season of quiet, personal growth.

Yet I find I'm not quite satisfied with that goal ...

... especially lately when the world seems a little more disjointed than usual.

I want to DO something.

I get a little fired up when I think of what we could accomplish if we worked together instead of competing and judging and finger pointing.

I want a space where we can all lift each other up…

Because one candle lights another and doesn’t diminish the first flame.

We’ve had to be strong (stronger than usual) for so long it seems.

And even though I believe we've finally come out on the other side of a really tough time, many people are still exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically.

AND spiritually.

Their souls are still seeking light.

But you know what?

Even though our spirits might still be a bit bruised, I believe we're ready and NEED to keep nourishing our spiritual power.

As an example, I spoke with an ER trauma nurse who is discovering that she is a medical medium and has the ability to heal with her hands. She was scared and confused. But she is powerful and ready to do what the Universe is asking of her.

I say YES to the Universe every day. And I KNOW many of you do, too.

A “tour of duty” on Earth is tough and not for the faint of heart.

It can be scary and messy and heartbreaking.

But we didn’t arrive here unprepared.

If we dare, we can see through the chaos and follow the path of our pure potential.

Stay as brave as you are, you beautiful soul.

Your light is helping to guide the way.

And remember that your light is perpetual -- it won’t diminish as it helps others to find their own beautiful light.

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