"The wound is the place where the light enters you."



I was introduced to energy medicine by my radiation oncologist

during my treatment for breast cancer over 15 years ago.

An alternative therapy used alongside traditional medical treatment?

Yes, please!  

Fast forward and here I am…

a certified practitioner and teacher of several energy healing modalities.

So what is energy “medicine”?
And why do I think it’s so fantastic?


Think about this…

Our bodies are made of energy.  

Every cell, every fiber, every breath we take requires and projects energy.

I believe that all energy emanates from Source (God, the Universe, the Divine).

While not affiliated with religion, energy therapy is by definition a

highly spiritual practice.  

By connecting to Spirit, we can direct divine energy in a conscious way

to achieve healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual level.


As a Reiki Master-Teacher, I have studied and practiced this modality for years.

I have seen amazing and marvelous changes in both myself and my clients.


Energy medicine is a safe, gentle, non-invasive way

to encourage your body’s relaxation response to kick in

and thereby “jump start” your own healing process.  

(You even get cozy under a blanket with all your clothes on!)  

And even more lovely...we can work "long distance."

Because yes, the energy flows that way, too!

When our body is in balance, we feel and perform better

(think about a car that has tires out of alignment…feel that wobble?).  

When our energy is flowing within our bodies in a strong, smooth fashion,

we feel like we can handle anything!

Our energy field (sometimes called an aura) surrounds our body and contains

an imprint of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual condition.

A clear, smooth aura can be key in helping us feel balanced and healthy.

And let’s talk about rocks and stones – commonly known as crystals.  

More than just beautiful to look at, these treasures are powerful

cleansers and activators of our energy centers.


In my healing practice, I combine Reiki, chakra balancing, auric cleansing,

crystal therapy, and intuitive guidance from your spiritual team and mine.

It’s a powerful combination … and one I’m passionate about.

Please email or call with questions or to schedule a session.

Fee $85 / hr (in-person or distance)