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Enough thinking, whispering, waiting, dreaming.
It's time to make some changes. 
To BE the change.
But how?  The answer is simple ...

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Every product I create blends the beauty of organic herbs and flowers with their spiritual purpose.

Do what makes your soul happy.

All Enchanted Botanicals® products are

carefully formulated to be true to their intention.
They are spiritual tools.
They help you do the work.

Because sometimes magic needs a place to start.

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A tiny bit about me...


I'm Deb Schaffer.  I'm a ...

Spiritual herbalist. 

Reiki Master-Teacher.

Energy intuitive. 


Obsessive collector of books.

Gardening fanatic. 

Virgo (sun) Pisces (moon) Aquarius (rising).

Wife, mom, friend.

Quote you'll know me by:  "So I have an idea..."

Who's my hero?  Joan d'Arc


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