It's time to
live like you are magic


with products that are
made with intention,
magical (of course),
and not found anywhere else.

Deb Schaffer, founder of Enchanted Botanicals LLC

"An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul."
Sir Thomas More

We're all seeking something. And your "why" is important to me.
Maybe you're:

Working through the transitions of everyday life.

Heeding a call to deepen your spiritual practice.

Feeling "lost in the sauce" of life and need to bring in more "good stuff."

Wondering about "magic" and how you might dip in.

Or * maybe * Spirit led you here and you're ready to jump on your journey.

However you got here:  Welcome!
Together we'll make sure you're living your best, most empowered life.

Deb Schaffer holding Lemon Balm sprigs

The Spirit of Change

We want to see the world become a better place.

We want to create positive and lasting change.

Don't we?

But we can't do this alone.

So I teamed up with Spirit and Mother Earth to create "tools" for your spiritual, magical, or just-plain-beautiful practice.

Every product I create begins with
an idea, an intention, a spiritual purpose.

I work with the energetic, spiritual, and magical properties of herbs, flowers, crystals, and essential oils.

Their superpowers.

With guidance from both the celestial and plant spirit realms, each product is formulated to resonate with the vibration of its intention.

This is the practice I call "spiritual herbalism."

Deb Schaffer holding a PEACE Spell jar

My current favorite things

Peace Spell Jar
Magic Dust incense spilling from a bag
Fresh Lilac candle
Manifestation Loose Botanical Incense