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3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Spring

Does it feel like spring where you are (quote) over a photo of daffodils

I often think we (like plants) can make room for the new with a bit of intention, preparation, and TLC.


Spring is THE perfect season to really pamper those intentions you set in the first quarter of 2024. Feel like you got a slow start? Squash that! It’s NEVER too late to start.


Grab those intentions, then water them. Feed them. Love them.


Right now, I'm celebrating my personal season of release. I'm letting go of the dark that winter settles on me and inviting in growth and expansion. 


It's my favorite time of year to open my soul to the power of the increasing sun (yes, #sunmagic is a thing). 


And it’s my season of faery and magic and enchantment. 


Ready to celebrate what is blooming and nurture the miracles growing all around us?


Here are 3 easy ways to celebrate spring

(even when it’s a little too chilly outside)


Reconnect with the earth 

Bundle up if you have to, but get outside and breathe in. 

Notice how it just smells different? 

Clean and fresh and alive! 


Notice the tiny miracles 

Doesn’t the sky look different? 

How in the world do trees and bulbs burst into life after snow and winter winds? 



Feel your gratitude 

For a fresh start, more light, and simple beauty. 


We did it, lovely. We made it through winter.


Let's spend spring together!





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