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The Snow Moon: Change, Hope, Creativity + Growth

watercolor image of a full moon with greenery

The snow moon…February’s full moon…lit up the sky with her special vibe a couple of days ago. Did you feel it?


As the moon rose in the sky, her color was a creamy yellow, inspiring enthusiasm and creating a sense of warmth and vitality.


As the moon traveled across the sky, she turned into a bright silver orb. 


This full Snow Moon initiated a special kind of magic --  that of reflection, contemplation, cleansing, and awaiting the rebirth of spring.


And, because you know I'm immersed in plant magic right now (the third module is TONIGHT), I got thinking about the color and plant correspondences of this moon cycle. 


As a reflective gray color, silver reminds us not only of water but the mirror-like quality that reflects what we “see” in ourselves. It can deepen our dive into mystery and strengthen our intuition.


Mugwort (botanical name Artemisia vulgaris) is named after Artemis, the goddess of the moon. This powerful plant ally (especially given her status as a moon plant) is starting to rise up in my gardens. Her showy yellow and green variegated leaves are shielding their silvery undersides (see where the mystery comes from?). 


I have so many favorite moon-based plant allies in my gardens:


Datura (aka Moonflower) only opens as darkness falls.


Rose -- her scent is often deeper in the evening.


Night-blooming jasmine -- enough said.


Hydrangea, hibiscus, milk thistle ...


I bet YOU have moon plants, too.


And I CANNOT wait to get out there and see who woke up from their winter sleep under the light of the gorgeous Snow Moon.

Watercolor of moon phases with greenery

We are now in the waning phases of the moon's cycle, but it's not too late to call on her energy.




Light a silver candle, or place a white candle in a silver holder.


Wear silver jewelry.


And carry a snip of Mugwort (the dark enchantress).


Remember, the Universe speaks and listens to us through symbols.


So, take this week to consider what you need / want to let go of before the moon begins her next cycle on March 10th.


This is the time to "reflect" (see how the moon continuously weaves into our lives?) on your success over the last two weeks and make notes on what to adjust or refocus you efforts on at the new moon.


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