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Enchanted Herbs: Lemon Balm

I cut armloads of Daffodils this weekend.

It is seriously spring here in Northern Virginia and I joyfully spent the entire weekend in the gardens. Digging plants in (and out), filling seed and suet feeders, and watching where the birds are nesting.

AND weeding!

Did you know? Spring is an essential time to keep the feeders filled. The birds are actively nesting and need extra energy. Their natural Winter food supply has dwindled and the Summer supply hasn't yet arrived.

The gardens have reached the point where even some of my herbal allies have become bed bullies and need to be kicked out. Sorry, Feverfew. Out you go, Chamomile. And let's not even talk about the Mugwort. SHE is absolutely ridiculous and it's only mid-April.

Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris)
The Mugwort is taking over!

There is one more herb that is taking over the beds and paths, but I haven't had the heart (yet...), to give her the boot. I'm talking about Lemon Balm.

Did you know? Lemon Balm has antiviral and anti-anxiety properties, and is being studied for her ability to improve memory and decrease agitation in Alzheimer