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Custom-Branded Candles

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

Pablo Picasso

Deb and client pouring custom candles

Hi friend,

Holiday time (and even throughout the year)…means debating what to give clients as a gift.

It can be a struggle, right?

Big-box stores have cello-wrapped baskets that come from who-knows-where (personal? not-so-much).

Wine- and beer-of-the-month is fun at the beginning, but the experience fades when the bottle is empty.

There’s a vibe people feel when you spend a little time picking out something that says “I appreciate you and thank you for your business”!

This is why I love taking you behind-the-scenes in my candle-making process! 

My work is artisanal, hands-on, intentional, and ALWAYS magical.✨

And it's oh-so-personal!

I love pouring (LOL, literally) my heart and soul into a gift that will help you make someone’s day.

Did you know you can dive deeper into this process with me by creating BRANDED CANDLES that feature your logo (and your special message)??😍

But what if you're not a business?

Well, I think you deserve your own signature candles just the same.

Remember the days of personalized stationery? Think of branded candles as something equally beautiful and special.

custom candle in a black tin with logo on the top and side

Personal gifts are thoughtful and heartfelt

It’s not just swag! 

It shows how much you care (taking those extra steps always does).

And candles create an experience every time the match lights the flame!

The dancing flicker is its own kind of magic, don’t you think?

The scent of sea salt, orange peel, cardamom, and palm sends you right to the beach. (A photographer client uses this scent as her signature candle.)

Or cypress, pine, eucalyptus, and tonka mellowed by currant, cranberry, and fir give that little holiday embrace. (You know who you are, Ms. Life Coach.)

The meaning, time, love, and effort put into them is something you can't get from any store. Except mine. 😉

custom candle in a clear jar with black lid

It’s true – and I’m here to guide you through choosing…

  • the scent

  • the jar

  • and the branding. 

So you have a truly heartfelt and special gift to share!

🏡 Real estate agents, it’s the perfect closing gift!

📸 Photographers, it’s the perfect thank you gift!

🛍️ Small business owners, it’s the perfect holiday (or thank you for your huge purchase...) client gift!

If you’re saying YES to a special artisan gift, all you have to do is send me a message so we can start your custom creation. 💌






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