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The story of my new DAILY MANTRA candle is a little twisted (I'll be THAT grabbed your attention...). But what I mean is that instead of having an idea of what I wanted to create, I found the container FIRST and created something to fill it. What I ended up creating is this beautiful (huge) candle. Read on to find out how it went down.

2021 has certainly been the "year of the pivot." Of having to think fast and be flexible (and patient).

Supply chain woes.

Back orders.

Price increases.

I know you're feeling all this craziness, too.

Then, just when I had the candle jar situation figured out, I hit another whammy. This time with the jars for my tall Prayer Candles. You know the ones -- Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and Saints + Patrons. For the past several months until I-don't-know-when, the jars are sold out. Everywhere.

Time to do a little reverse-engineering. So, I researched candle jars that WERE available and asked Spirit to guide my creativity. A totally backwards process but, hello 2021. I'd had an idea for a candle in the back of my mind for quite a while, but it never seemed like the right time to work on it. Suddenly, the pieces clicked into place. (Don't you LOVE that feeling?)

I thought, "What if we could start our day by focusing on positive thoughts that stay with us all day?"

Or finish our day with a quiet an