So what do you do when you need a Full Moon but don't have one handy?  Or when the New Moon would be perfect timing for that special something?  Oh yeah... that's grab this incense.

I researched the botanicals that correspond with EACH phase of the moon, then combined the most powerful ones into this beautiful incense.  Become a banishing beastie (without a full moon).  Or get your manifesting groove on with a waning moon. Because it's all in here.

Whether you follow the cycle of the Moon as a practice, or just love the romance of La Luna, MOON DANCE harnesses her power from New Moon, through Full, into Dark.

Jam-packed with organic herbs and flowers.

2 oz PET jar to travel easily without breaking.

Now for the legal stuff... It's organic but PLEASE do not ingest.  Really.  Moon work is not intended to replace medical advice or common sense.  Use responsibly.  For spiritual purposes.  And with love.

Loose Incense - MOON DANCE Botanical Blend, Herbs, Flowers, Organic


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