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MOONLIGHT Limited Edition Soy Candle

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Samhain is a Gaelic festival that marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark half of the year. It's a time of gratitude and offerings and deep magic. Also known as the "Witch's New Year," the veil between our world and the ethereal is now at its thinnest. Take this season to offer gratitude to your guides, the plant spirits, and the Divine for a year well passed. The Sun is resting and Moonlight now reigns as Queen of the Heavens.

This candle has the luxurious scent of Black Currant and a hint of Jasmine. Black Currant is one of the "angelic" fragrances, meaning that its high vibe assists with higher chakra work. Specifically, It opens the third eye chakra to enhance remote (or past life) healing as well as helping us look to the future with confidence and forgiveness. Jasmine is also one of the angelic fragrances. It can help heighten our spiritual awareness and move us into a state of pure intention. Both Black Currant and Jasmine will facilitate a connection to and communication with the other realms, especially at this time of the thinning veil.

Fluorite blends beautifully with the intention of the MOONLIGHT candle as it likewise resonates with the higher chakras. It will help clear old, stagnant energies and help us usher in fresh vibes for the "new year."

4 oz.

Organic soy wax

Natural fragrance oil


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