Every astrological sign has herbs and crystals that "correspond" or have an energetic link with it.  The list is long and the ingredients can often be difficult to find -- or expensive if you just need a little bit.  And remember, in the herbal world, a little goes a long way.

So I've done the research and the hard work for you.  These little corked vials contain powerful combinations of herbs and a crystal that works best with that combo.  

You could choose to work with  the correspondence bottle for the sign that we're in.

If you like to work with the Moon's energy, maybe you'll need one when the New Moon is in Leo or the Full Moon is in Scorpio...

Or perhaps you'd like to work with the correspondences for your Sun, Moon, and Rising (Ascendant) signs.  (See the link for 3 bottles here:https://www.etsy.com/listing/652781099/astrological-correspondence-herbs-set-of?ref=shop_home_active_1 )

Bottles can contain herbs, flowers, resins, powders -- depending on the most powerful combination.  They ALL contain beautiful stones.

Place them on your altar, your desk, in your hand.  Kept in the vial or uncorked -- so beautiful and SO powerful.

Stay in your magic baby (these cuties will help you get there).

1 oz glass bottle.

DO NOT INGEST.  Really.  Created for spiritual purposes only.  And crafted with love.

Vial - Astrological Correspondence Herbs, Crystals, corked vials


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