Gathered from my gardens, these smudge bundles are full of clearing and manifesting potential.  

Smudging is about creating smoke. As the smoke rises, it collects negative or unwanted energies up to the universe where it is cleared and transformed. Certain botanicals are revered for this purpose, including Mugwort — the base of this bundle.

But whenever we clear anything — ourselves OR a space — we need to be super intentional about what we fill it with. Because it WILL fill.  So I’ve added herbs and flowers that support your intentions...even if you’re not quite sure what they are yet.  As you clear, these herbs will be holding your space sacred. 

Here’s what I’ve used:

Mugwort for protection + banishing.
Sweet Annie for communication.
Calendula for soothing the spirit.
Rudbeckia for boundaries.
Apple mint for a connection to Avalon.
Catmint for happiness.
Birch for beginning (again).
Lambs ear for comfort.
Lemon balm for joy.

WARNING: Never leave a burning smudge bundle unattended.


For spiritual use only.

Smudge Bundle, organic, intentions


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