INCENSE is a mainstay of any spiritual practice.  Its smoke is used to cleanse and purify a space, and to call in the energy that a ritualist desires to work with.  I love incense of all kinds... But my favorite is loose incense.  
There's nothing like taking a bit in your hand and feeling your energy combine with the energy of the natural world.

This blend is all about working with the four elements:  Earth ... Air ... Fire ... Water.  
Earth corresponds to the season of winter, the direction of North, and the Archangel Uriel.  It's about going deep to plan, settle in, and rest.
Air corresponds to the season of spring, the direction of East, and the Archangel Raphael.  It's about beginning a project, thinking it through, and planting the seeds.
Fire corresponds to the season of summer, the direction of South, and the Archangel Michael.  Work with fire when you want to really get things moving!
Water corresponds to the season of autumn, the direction of West, and the Archangel Gabriel.  It's about bringing in the "harvest," completing projects, slowing down.

Use this incense when you need the spiritual energy of a direction, season, or Archangel.  Or maybe all the correspondences.  Feel free to make it your own.

Each ingredient was selected because its spiritual fingerprint resonates at the exact frequency of the elements.

Cast it...burn it...toss it...let the elements take it, and know that your offering has been received.

I create my own unique blends, based on a specific purpose or season that we would like to work with.  What makes Enchanted Botanicals incense different than the other lovely blends out there?  The answer is simple.  I connect with my guides, plant devas, and plant spirits, and receive the formulas direct from the source!

Enchanted Botanicals loose incense is organic, hand-crafted, and small batch.  I don't skimp on quality because I believe that you AND the Earth are too important!

I adhere to small batch formulating for one important reason:  As the energy in the world around us shifts, we should adjust to be in the highest state of flow with that energy as possible.  This may require me to tweak the formula a bit each time I enter my apothecary to start blending.  Seasons change, the wheel of the year turns.  So Enchanted Botanicals blends remain dynamic and in tune with what is needed at the time.

The jar is unbreakable jar (and recyclable) -- so no worries about taking this with you on your trek into the Wild Unknown.

Now for the legal stuff... PLEASE use caution when burning any product (including loose casting herbs or candles).  We know it's organic and all that, but PLEASE do not ingest.  Really.  And while this incense can support  your meditation, it's not intended to replace medical advice or common sense.  Use responsibly.  For spiritual purposes.  And with love.

Incense - FOUR ELEMENTS Loose Incense, Smudge, Herbs, Organic


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