Who wouldn't love to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  Sadly, that pot is about as elusive as unicorn tears...  

Here's the next best thing.  Pot of Gold Hand Butter.  

Words barely describe how intensely "rich" this creamy butter is.  Made with only 3 ingredients:  organic unrefined shea butter, unscented cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil infused with calendula and chamomile.  A tiny bit goes a very long way.  Rub it in (it will look rather shiny), and in a minute or two it is completely absorbed.  Your hands will feel absolutely soft and smooth.  One pot will last a long time.

And because you know that EVERY Enchanted Botanicals product has a bit of the mythical and magical in it, each pot includes its own piece of "gold" in the form of a polished citrine.

My husband has very dry hands, and the skin on his knuckles tends to crack and split, especially in the winter.  THIS is his go-to formula.  

I rub some in just before bed, and when I wake up, my hands are STILL soft.



PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT a lotion.  It is not liquid-y in any way.  Liquids such as water, when added to a skin product, make a lovely, creamy consistency.  But liquids also can create a breeding ground for bacterial growth, thus requiring antibacterial additives and preservatives.

LEGAL STUFF:  This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.  It absolutely should NOT be taken internally.  Discontinue use if you have an adverse reaction.

Hand Butter - POT OF GOLD Hand Butter, skin cream, 4 oz, calendula, chamomile


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