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In general practice, goddesses are the female aspect of the Divine . We have Celtic goddesses such as Cerridwen and Rhiannon. Faery Queens like Maeve and Aine are also goddesses. The Blessed Mother and Mary Magdalene. And how about Hecate and Persephone? And perhaps your most powerful goddesses are your strong female ancestors? Each of these beings offers their own "flavor" of wisdom and assistance. My GODDESSES Prayer Candle is formulated to help you connect and work with these powerful and mysterious beings. Each candle takes 6 hours to create. Every layer contains botanicals that vibe with different aspects of the Divine Feminine realm. As you burn down through the layers, you can develop a deeper connection to the Goddess(es) you work with. Gently scented with essential oils and topped with crystals. This is a tall, 7-day type candle. It’s beautiful and powerful.

GODDESSES Prayer Candle

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