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Cast a spell on your space with the absinthe-forward FORBIDDEN ELIXIR candle. Set a mood of intrigue and mystery with this slightly daring and sophisticated scent. (A 1920's clandestine rendezvous comes to mind, and I see you mingling with the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and other eccentric, bohemian souls.) Once known as the "Green Fairy" because of its color, absinthe was thought to induce curiosity, creativity, hallucinations (debunked), and visionary experiences, and thus was a prohibited drink. No longer on the "forbidden" drinks list, absinthe lends its magic to this gorgeous candle, along with notes of blackberry, basil, amber, currant, and tonka. It's topped with green aventurine as a cheeky nod to the Green Fairy. 8 oz frosted glass jar with a pretty bamboo lid.


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