Please NOTE.  This listing (product) is ONLY available IF you have already purchased a Custom Spray.  It does NOT include another reading.

From the spray listing:

This is a very special product.  And I do NOT state that lightly.  The formula is unique -- only yours.  Granted to me by Spirit.

Like crystals, essential oils have immense spiritual healing capabilities.  As a spiritual herbalist, this is the realm I work in.

Using only your name, I connect with your spiritual team (angels, guides, ancestors).  They then communicate to me which essential oils (and the exact amount of each) AND crystals will benefit you the most at this point in your life.  Spritz some of the spray around your aura or your space when you need a reminder that the Universe really DOES have your back.

4 oz of pure love.

Legal stuff:  For "entertainment" purposes only.  Never use this product as a substitute for sound medical advice.  DO NOT INGEST.

Custom Spray REFILL ONLY, Additional Bottle (no reading included)


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