We all learned in science class that copper is an excellent conductor of energy.  So doesn’t it make sense that copper would conduct SPIRITUAL energy as well?

I love this small copper bowl (3” across = just the perfect size) to fill with my loose incense as an offering. It’s also perfect if you like to burn incense as an offering or for smudging. Or try filling with water and floating some loose incense... Or maybe recharge your bead bracelets in one? See? The possibilities are endless!

I also provide a little bag of sand, which OF COURSE has a story of its own... My great grandmother bought a house on the beach in the early 1900s. It passed to my grandmother, then my mother. My sister and I are now the caretakers. I like to call the sand I gather for you “divine feminine” sand...

Legal note:  NEVER leave any burning object unattended. Copper DOES become hot when used to burn so ALWAYS use extreme caution.

Copper Offering Bowl, smudge, incense


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