My CLOSURE candle was a happy miracle. I needed resolution for a situation.  It was finished, but I kept obsessing.  “Did I make the right decision?”  I played those “what if’s” over and over in my head.  Spirit popped in and this beautiful candle was the result.  I’ve moved on... I’m happy... it worked.


What's so special about THIS candle (because I know there are SO many lovely options out there...)?  Well, the formula was gifted to me by Spirit.  And I think that's pretty cool.


8 oz.


Organic soy wax

Lead-free wick

Organic botanicals


Essential oils


PLEASE use caution when using any lit object (including a candle).  NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.  Use responsibly.  For spiritual purposes.  And with love.

Candle - CLOSURE Botanical Candle, Organic, Soy, Meditation


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