To be "inspired" means to be "in Spirit."  One with the Universe.  Getting those "downloads" we need (crave?) from time to time.  Got writer's block?  Those fresh ideas just aren't flowing?When you need a little help from your "team," reach for this beautiful candle.  

We've poured just the right botanicals, essential oils, and crystals (yep...) into these small-batch beauties.  

Organic soy wax and lead-free wicks.  

Just the right size at 8 oz.

Now for the legal stuff... PLEASE use caution when using any lit object (including a candle).  We know it's organic and all that, but PLEASE do not ingest.  Really.  And lastly, it is not intended to replace medical advice or common sense.  Use responsibly.  For spiritual purposes.  And with love.
I adhere to small batch formulating for one important reason:  As the energy in the world around us shifts, we should adjust to be in the highest state of flow with that energy as possible.  This may require a tweak in the formula each time I start blending.  Seasons change, the wheel of the year turns.  So the blends remain dynamic and in tune with what is needed at the time.

Candle - INSPIRATION Botanical Candle, Organic, Soy, Meditation


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