I grew up Catholic (like half the woo world, it seems) and learned from an early age about Blessings.  Holy Water was a staple.  We were taught that, in an emergency, we could baptize or bless someone even using water from a puddle.  Thankfully, I never had to use this "skill."  Instead, I've channeled my love of ritual and ceremony into magical things.

BLESSING OILS can be used to:

*   Dress candles -- rub the oil onto the candle to heighten its intention.
*   Anoint your chakras -- in actuality, that's what happens when we "cross" or "bless" ourselves.
*   Purify or bless your space -- dab a bit on your doorway or place a few drops in a dish on your altar.

I create my oils by blending the spirits of plants and crystals.  They began their journey together on the Full Flower Moon of the Spring Equinox.  I then let them charge for a complete moon cycle.

Choose from Citrine for manifestation and creativity; Amethyst for protection and divination; and Rose Quartz for tenderness and healing.


REMEMBER:  Products are not magic.  They simply help you BE the magic.


Blessing Oil, Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Ritual, Ceremony


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