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What's My "Why"?

What a good question. And one that I need to stop and ask myself.

I got so used to traveling to expos and talking to people about my products and how I came to develop them. Conversations grew organically -- customers asked and I answered.

I've been SO blessed that Enchanted Botanicals has continued to grow despite (or maybe because of) the shift in our world. I've added several new wholesale accounts. I'm nudged nearly every day by the Universe to create new products. My book, Notes from an Enchanted Garden, is in its second printing. And I've just rebranded -- offering my Spiritual Wellness collection and the NEW Home Collection of scented candles and reed diffusers.

I get up every morning and really can't wait to pop into the Studio. By WHY?

Because. Because I made a "deal" with God. Truly. Here's how it went down:

In August of 2006, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. It was extremely aggressive and my oncologist suggested we work toward a 2-year survival. I was STUNNED. I mean, I knew women who had breast cancer, went through treatment, and were FINE. But this prognosis was different. Trickier. I knew I was in for a fight.

The worst part? Our son had literally started his first day of 8th grade when I had my first surgery. THAT was the part that was unacceptable. I knew I would lose my hair. Be sick as a dog through months of chemo and radiation (I was so blessed to be in a clinical trial). Lose a business and friends. But I REFUSED to leave our son without a mother.

So I had a conversation with God. I told Him I would be His hands here on earth if He allowed me to heal. I would do what I was guided to do without hesitation. His answer? YES.

Fast forward, and it's been nearly 15 years since my diagnosis (13 years past my initial "expiration date"). I'm thriving and so is Enchanted Botanicals. As an interior designer, I was in and out of homes all the time, feeling their energy. I was led to study feng shui (the art and science of how our homes are affected by energy). I was introduced to energy medicine by my radiation oncologist and so I became a Reiki Master Teacher. I studied geopathic stress and how it can affect homes and people, and I developed a practice to balance both. And THEN I started to research products that could help with the meditation techniques I was using for all of these practices. I couldn't find what I needed -- strong enough, gentle enough, pure and clear enough. God spoke again, and told me to use what was in my gardens. What an "aha" moment!

That message began my journey into Spiritual Herbalism... working with the energetic, spiritual, and magical properties of herbs, flowers, essential oils, and essences. Suddenly, everything I had been studying came together. I trusted the entire the process. As something else was put in my path, I took it on, knowing it would be part of the mix I needed. I didn't know WHEN it would come together, I just knew it would. IT HAD TO. It was part of the bargain.

15 years later, I'm still here and able to go to "work" every day doing something I love. The Universe downloads every formula to me and I bring it into being. That's a pretty cool partnership, isn't it?

And it's my "why."

Why I do what I do. Why it makes me happy. Why I can be of service. Why I get to still be the mom to my son. (This photo was taken at his wedding this past September.)

Thank you ALL for being a part of Enchanted Botanicals. YOU are part of my "why" and I'm so grateful for you.




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