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What Does It Feel Like to Grow?

Remember those growing pains we felt as a kid? Achy legs were a sign that we were "growing," said every mom ever.

How about our spiritual growth? Raising our vibe isn't always easy and, like it or not, isn't always intuitive.

So we look to others for examples. We search out teachers and way-showers. We find healers.

At some point we need to begin to bring everything we've learned together -- into what I call our own "personal magic."

This is when we begin to shine.

We should no longer look at the information / skills / wisdom we've gathered as RULES. Instead, think of them as POSSIBILITIES.

If you've "learned" that carnelian is a stone for wealth (your sacral chakra), but you feel it's more aligned with grounding (root chakra) -- DO THAT.

Use Mint for protection, you've read, but you don't like Mint. Choose an herb that works for YOU; an herb that makes YOU feel protected.

It's about beginning to identify and TRUST our own filters. How does the world look and feel to us personally?

It's YOUR life. And that's the ONLY way magic works.

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