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The Story of the Halcyon

You may or may not know this about me, but I started my professional career as an editor.

Words are absolutely my thing.

I love how they sound, what they mean, and what they convey.

And I especially love pretty words.

In fact, I have an entire list of words that I think are simply beautiful, such as:







And Halcyon.

The word "halcyon" is defined as a time when life was idyllic and peaceful.

Isn't that beautiful?

But it also has a beautiful story. And that's what I really love.

The legend of the Halcyon bird is derived from a myth recorded by Ovid.

In the story, Aeolus, the ruler of the winds, had a daughter named Alcyone (Halcyon), who was married to Ceyx, the king of Thessaly.

Ceyx embarked on a dangerous sea voyage, which ended tragically.

Grieving for the loss of her husband, Alcyone was about to throw herself into the sea to join him.

But before Alcyone hit the water, she was transformed into a bird.

As she skimmed over the water toward her husband's body, the air echoed with her cries of grief. When she reached him, she enfolded him with her new wings, kissing him with her sharp beak.

Like any good tale, her love (with the help of the gods), awakened her husband, who became her beloved mate -- as a bird -- once again.

The Halcyon is said to build her nest and launch it out to sea around the time of the Winter Solstice.

For seven days before and seven days after the solstice, the Halcyon broods over her eggs and hatchlings, while the sea and the winds are held calm for her.

To this day, mariners refer to seas that are especially calm as "halcyon."

So how does this relate to Enchanted Botanicals?

Well, for quite a while now, I've wanted to create a signature candle for Enchanted Botanicals.

When I developed the right formula, naming it Halcyon seemed perfect.

I wanted the scent to help you create a space that feels idyllic and peaceful and calming. And I truly believe it does just that.

It's in my shop now. And I hope you love it (and the story) as much as I do.


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