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The In-Between

Have you heard the term "liminal"? It refers to a time or space of transition. Where the ocean meets the beach is a liminal space. So is that area where a field becomes shadier as it reaches toward the woods.

Hedgerows were once used as a physical barrier between cultivated land and what lay beyond in the wild woods. In the old ways, "hedgewitches" were wise women (healers and cunningwomen) who knew how to navigate that special place between this world and the "other."

Time can also be liminal. Think about twilight -- it's that special time of day that straddles daylight and evening. Dawn is also considered liminal.

Right now, we are in the liminal time between the Spring Equinox (March 21st) and Beltane (May 1st). The light has returned from her winter rest, but it hasn't yet regained full strength.

[Did you know: Today, the Sun is most often referred to as masculine.

But ancient religions considered the Sun in the feminine, since all life was

dependent on "her" to sustain itself.]

Beltane is the counterpart of Samhain, or Halloween, and is the "official" transition from winter to summer. On Beltane we celebrate the full return of the Sun and her life-giving light. The veil that separates our world from that of Spirit thins during these times of transition from dark to light and back again. This makes May 1st (and those few days before and after) ideal for meeting, connecting, and communicating with unseen energies, including the realm of faery and land spirits.

Interested in "jumping the hedge" into the spirit world, but aren't sure how? Here are a few of my favorite ways:

Explore your land. Whether you live in the country, an apartment in the city, or maybe a cottage at the beach, get to know the world around you. Where does the sun rise? Where does she set? And what happens to the light in between? Notice the progression of blooms on the trees and the wildflowers. Feel into the rhythm of life as it flows around you.

Collect tiny treasures. My faves? Seed pods, feathers, shells, acorns, moss. What do you find beautiful? Remember, three of anything classifies as a "collection." I have a few glass cloches (bell jars) that I like to tuck my treasures under. I cluster them together on my dining table for a seasonal display.

Make tiny offerings. Remember those acorns you collected last autumn? Now is the time to return them to the earth. Land spirits and the fae love to receive little treats as a sign of respect. A smidgen of milk or cream in a pretty saucer. A small slice of bread or cake on a shiny plate. Place your gift where your intuition leads you and leave for a day and a night. The "others" will accept the energy of your offering. And maybe the birds or night creatures will enjoy the rest!

Plant seeds (or seedlings). This may be the ultimate offering! What a beautiful way to literally get "in touch" with the spirits of Nature. With your hands in the earth, tune in to how you feel. You will get to know yourself a bit more deeply as you care for your little plantlings.

Relax. There is NO right or wrong way to meet the spirits of Nature. There is only YOUR way. What feels good and right to you? Do that. This could be as easy as sitting in your backyard listening to the gentle buzz of bees. Or walking the beach at dawn as the Sun reflects her glow on the still water. Again, tune in to how you feel in these moments. My guess is you will quickly become aware of your connection to the world that surrounds you.

I would love to hear how YOU will be celebrating the light. Please send me a note at


I work closely with the genus loci (or spirits of place) in my Energy Alchemy land clearing + blessing practice. And I created this FAERY OFFERING incense as a way to honor that realm. Open a jar during your meditation and see where it takes you. Sprinkle some in a circle the next time you're working outdoors. Cast it...burn it...toss it...let the elements take it, and know that your offering has been received.

Pull on your boots. Grab your nippers and a basket. And head into the fields. Pass the dandelion and buttercups. Move through the taller grasses. And there — just on the edge of the woods — are the wild brambles. Warming under the heat of the sun, the wild berries are waiting, sweet and bursting with life. You’ll need to share with the birds and the possum and deer. But they won’t mind. There are plenty for all of us. This is the feeling of BRAMBLE FIELDS. Warm and sweet and sunny. High summer. Home magic.


And because you know I LOVE a good discount, please use code BELTANE at checkout to save 10% on the FAERY OFFERING incense and BRAMBLE FIELDS reed diffuser.

As always, I'm grateful for each of you. Sending much love to you all. And I'll see you on the other side of the hedge.




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