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The Feast Day of Saint Lucia, the Light Bringer

Fun Fact: I'm fascinated by the way ancient history continues to weave its way into our "modern" celebrations. And the story of Saint Lucia (aka St. Lucy) is a great example of this. So, are you ready for another story? I am and I can't wait to share this one with you.

Have you heard of St. Lucia the Light Bringer?

Also known as St. Lucy, this young saint is celebrated on December 13 throughout portions of the Nordic countries.

Once upon a time, before our current Julian calendar, the world kept "time" according to the Gregorian calendar. This meant that December 13 was the original date of the Winter Solstice.

Born in 4th century Italy, Lucia was a devout Christian. It's believed that she carried food and water to other Christians who were forced to hide in the catacombs under Rome for safety.

To light her way while she carried her supplies, she devised a wreath of candles that she could wear on her head.