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The Enchantment Guide -- Issue 06

It took a bit longer to put this issue together than I anticipated -- but WOW the gardens kept me SO busy this summer.

I've almost finished harvesting the herbs and flowers that will be going into my products over the winter. Just a few more to go, like the Mugwort that I wanted to go to flower, the Anise Hyssop, and the Zinnias (their petals dry so nicely and add a pop of color to my incense blends).

Some of our favorite writers had a busy summer, too, but we can look forward to their articles in upcoming issues.

Which reminds me ...

If you have an idea or an article that would fit the theme of our next issue (Samhain / Halloween), please let me know. I would love to include you in The Guide.

Ok, so on to the good stuff.

Simply click HERE to read Issue 06 of The Enchantment Guide.

As always, I hope this brings you a bit of sweetness, peace, and inspiration.

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