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The 8/8 Lion's Gate

[NOTE: The following is reposted on my blog with the permission of my friend, Kristin Gilbert. Please visit her here.]

August 8 (8/8) is known as the Lion’s Gate, and is an annual event in which a powerfully enlightening portal is created when the Earth, the star Sirius, and the constellation Orion’s Belt all line up.

Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky, and some ancient (and current) mystics believe it infuses the Earth with extra light and energy as it separates itself sufficiently from the sun during this time.

The Lion's Gate occurs during the astrological energy of Leo, which amplifies our heart-centered, self-love, and empowerment energies. This sign is bright, shining, and uplifting, and we do not need to have been born under this sign to take advantage of its benefits.

In 2022 the Lion’s Gate portal begins on July 28 and peaks on August 12. During this time, we receive light code activations that awaken the dormant DNA strands and spiral codes that align us with our own powerful potential. Light codes of ascension, soul mastery, and divine potential are released and sent towards earth.

So just what ARE "light codes"? In simplest terms, they are divine frequencies and energy patterns received from the spiritual realm.

Now, if you're wondering how to receive these activations, you might like to try one or more of the following ideas:

Be mindful of your solar plexus (the energetic area of the body that we call our core or power center -- the "sun within us"). Is your solar plexus clear, balanced, and healthy?

Wear yellow. Everything is vibration and frequency, and colors are no exception. Yellow vibrates with the energies of confidence, joy, and self-esteem.

Pay attention to numbers and notice when the number 8 appears. Do you see it more frequently than you usually do?

Like color, numbers hold a strong vibration, and the number 8 aligns with strength, abundance, new ideas, and even pregnancy. It also represents infinity, giving this annual portal a special significance.

But don’t go looking for 8s; instead, allow Spirit to be your guide. Remember: The more our ego attempts to control an outcome, the more the outcome will elude us.

Work with yellow or gold crystals, which generally represent the energy or element of fire. So you'll want to "stoke" that fire to help clear your light body to receive more of the light codes.

A few crystals to consider are fire agate, citrine, bumblebee jasper, and yellow calcite. Remember: Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth to help with our spiritual connection.

Bring yellow plants or flowers into your space. Sunflowers are a great option (and easy to find) at this time of year. In a pinch, add a photograph of yellow flowers or simply visualize them. Remember: It's ALL about intention.

Breathe chi, or life force energy, into your solar plexus several times a day. Stand with your feet firmly planted and, as you slowly inhale, visualize your solar plexus filling and expanding with energy and light.

Get some "face time" with the sun (eyes closed!) and soak up any influence and/or messages you receive.

I'm often shown symbols or sacred geometry, and I try not to question or assign meaning to them. I simply let them flow into my energy body.

I start each day with the intention that Spirit will be my guide, and so I accept whatever the sun sends me for the highest good of my cells, spirit, mind, and body.

Write down your goals and announce them to the Universe! If you ever have a private session or take a course with me, you will definitely hear my story about this. Remember: Your voice is your power!

Don't underestimate the power of pampering your mane! Leo energy is known for its “crowning glory," and a new cut (and/or color) can boost your confidence and sense of personal power.

Finally, get out of Spirit's way as your light body becomes embedded with these powerful activations! Don't think too hard about the downloads. Simply let them fill your energy boday. And don't be surprised if you see a few of the light codes in your time between sleeping and waking.

“You Are Love - Love Heals” – Kristin Gilbert

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