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What does "genius loci" mean?

It refers to the spirit (often protective) of a place, a space, or a location.

Winter skies can be awe inspiring.

You know how sometimes we are immediately drawn to someone and we just want to be near them? We love their vibe, their sense of spirit, their sense of humor...

It's the same with land. Sometimes we find just the right place to be. It's the spot where we feel settled and inspired.

btw, the word "inspired" comes from the same root words that mean to "breathe life into" or to be in "Spirit."

The photo above is the farm just down the road from us. The sky was breathtaking a couple of nights ago. Inspiring. And I clearly felt the influence of the Divine on the genius loci.

None of us works alone. We are all inspired by an event or a person or a sunset. What's important is that we filter that inspiration into something meaningful. It's ok to hold it close and not share it with the world. There's a lot to be said for keeping things sacred.

But we shouldn't pass up those moments of inspiration because in doing so, we also pass on the opportunity to be the hands of the Divine.


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