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Ready for a Christmas Story?

Well, settle in with a nice cup of "something" (no judgement) and I'll tell you a true tale... Once upon a time, there was an interior designer (moi) who had a thriving firm. She also had a husband (busy attorney) and son (busy student).

It was the beginning of the Christmas season and everybody wanted the house decorated -- apparently leaving it to the designer/ mom-type person, who was up to her ears with clients waiting for their own designs to be installed. The mom-type person asked for help, but her husband and son were too busy. So she got snippety and made a decision. She would create a tree for HERSELF. It would be her tree only and would have a theme that would make her heart happy -- decorated with natural and whimsical objects like pinecones and nests and all kinds of birdie ornaments.

It was beautiful. The star of the house. And was NOT to be referred to as OUR tree, but was hers alone because everyone else had been too busy to care.

Well, can you guess how the story ends? The husband and son saw the error of their miserly ways and initiated the task of decorating the rest of the house. And from that year on, EVERYONE pitched in to enjoy the holiday decorating TOGETHER.

The designer/mom-type person (moi) still puts up her own tree BUT now everyone pitches in. The End... (or, like all Christmas stories, is it just the beginning?)

Like all fairy tales (or Christmas stories), there's usually a pretty good moral to be learned.

Here's the point to this story --

Don't be afraid to ask for something.

Don't be deterred from DOING IT YOURSELF.

Realize that sometimes stinky situations can turn into beautiful traditions.

And know that even though traditions can change, they still have meaning and are a powerful way to keep connected with those we love.


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