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No winter lasts forever...

I'm dreaming about Spring. Are you?

Ever since I heard that Punxsatawney Phil (that divininatory groundhog) predicted an early Spring, I've been waiting. And waiting. And getting tired of waiting. I zip outside at the slightest hint of sunshine -- hoping it might be accompanied by a bit of warmth. Mostly, it's not.

We've been blessed with a couple of days where it felt (almost) balmy. During one brief interlude from the snow and freezing wind, I just had to see what the gardens were up to. The Mugwort was bravely holding her ground. And I could see new growth beneath the layer of leaves I keep her covered with. Mugwort is a healing herb, known for her ability to help with protection, manifestation, dream work, and divination. I wonder if Ol' Phil nibbled some before he made his prediction?

Variegated Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) in my garden
Gardening Tip: I learned from my beautiful mother-in-law to leave everything in the garden pretty much as is through most of the winter. The leaves will act as insulation and the seed heads provide food for the birds. I'm rewarded with plants that pop up in unusual places...can you guess how? Early March is a great time to do some cleanup.

I like to look through seed catalogs (now more online than in actual print) and dream of big, beautiful, overflowing gardens...the kind that would take a team of helpers to keep under control. I place orders for plants that will fill in spaces left by last autumn's harvest, and I draw (in my head) just where I can add new beds for more magical herbs.

Winter is associated with the direction of North, and comes under the guardianship of Archangel Uriel, known as the Angel of Wisdom. It is a time for rest and reflection, and for gaining strength for the flourish of Spring.

I've been using my "winter rest" to create new products. So even though I can't be in the gardens, my hands and heart are still in the flowers.

How have YOU passed the Winter? I would love to know...




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