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Natural Magic Field Notes: In Defense of Witches

More than culinary. More than medicinal. Plants have played an important role in culture, folklore, superstition and belief systems since the beginning of time. (Well, not REALLY the beginning, but you know what I mean.)

Herb photos with a list of witchy herbs

So many of our “everyday” herbs also live a secret life as:

🌿 protectors

🌿 hex-ers and unhex-ers

🌿 guards and guides

🌿 money makers

🌿 dream workers

🌿 love bringers

🌿 luck makers and breakers

Such beliefs were a way of life.

Herbs were used to bless marriages and babies, to protect livestock from a too-cold winter, to protect homes from robbers, and to ensure plentiful and profitable harvests.

The witches (aka the village wise women) had the knowledge and skill to grow the herbs her community needed.

Long after “modern religion” moved in, herbs still play a huge role in our daily lives.

Like blowing a dandelion seed head (wishes)

Like adding a bay leaf to the flour jar (warding & wealth)

Like plucking daisy petals (he loves me, he loves me not).

We are modern people still holding onto and honoring (not worshipping) the old ways.

We may not know or remember why our mothers / grandmothers / great-greats tossed an extra herb into soup or tucked a sprig of lavender under a pillow.

We just do it.

Because it’s tradition. It’s magic. And it’s still in our blood.

I’d love to hear YOUR herbal tradition ⬇️

Here’s to more magic in ‘24!

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