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Mugwort: January's Herb of the Month

"The secrets are in the plants. To elicit them, you have to love them enough." ~ George Washington Carver

Deb in the winter garden holding nippers and mullein

Hi friend,

In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE herbs and flowers and trees... 


Plants are in my blood and in my soul (and they’re probably in yours, too). In fact, many moons ago, one of my great-great grandfathers was the horticulturist to the Russian tsar. So plants really ARE in my DNA.


Even more important to me, they help me live my higher purpose.


So, one of the things I’m doing this year is pouring my heart into what I'm here to do. And that is to teach something more to you.


So, each month I'll do an Herb of the Month.


Herbs and plants have everything we need to move from stuck to unstuck. From fear to love. And from uncertain to empowered.  

Mugwort in flower

Mugwort -- January's herb of the month -- is one of my most beloved and trusted plant allies – and one of the plants I’ll be sharing ALL about in my NEW Introduction to Plant Magic course.


There is SO much I could say about this herb, and yet, it’s hard to put words to the magic of mugwort. It’s like trying to describe moonlight, or fire, or the feel of a feather!


She’s a Midsummer’s Eve and a dark moon rolled into one.


Considered sacred for the ways it offers ease, relief, and protection, people have turned to mugwort for thousands of years for practical and physical support. 


And even with all its uses, mugwort’s greatest gift might be the way it connects us to the unseen realm and ethereal world.


She can be used for just about any magical working…and is happy to “lend her spirit” if you don’t happen to have any physically on hand.


Her swirl of butter yellow and lime green leaves (and her pale silvery underside) is equally about sunlight and moonlight magic, with sturdy stems that make beautiful wands.


Does this make you think "hey, I wanna know more?"


So many people have asked me if I would teach more about plants and their magic. 


Well, I listened and created my new course for those who want a plant magic deep dive. If you're one of those deep divers...check this out.



Something to think about as the seed catalogs come rolling in ... 😉





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