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Moon Vibes All Month Long


I love the moon. Every phase has its own special beauty and magic.

Now, I have to confess that I DO have a favorite phase -- the dark moon.

November's dark moon falls on November 23 and the new (Witches) moon is November 25-26. (The beautiful full moon was November 8.)

The dark moon is often mistaken for the new moon, but it's really its own special moment. This phase is when the moon is (surprise!) DARK. The new moon, on the other hand, shows the first sliver of light. Although they are just a day or two apart, their energies are quite different.

So why am I chatting about the moon today?

Because I recently refined my Maiden / Mother / Wise Woman bath salts to align more closely with the energies of the three main moon phases.

Before you ask ...

No. You do not have to use the Moon Bath Salts only on a dark, new, or full moon.

They are formulated to mirror the ENERGIES of those phases so you can tap into some moon-wise vibes exactly when you need them. At ANY time, in ANY phase.

OO LA LA. That sounds a bit like magic, doesn't it?

So when would you / could you use the Moon Bath Salts?

DARK moon — release • relax • renew NEW moon — rebirth • passion • creativity FULL moon — strength • power • magic Like the moon, we cycle through different “phases.”

UNLIKE the moon, we have the option — and opportunity — to change at any time.

You ARE the magic, my friend. I get to help you live like it.


The New Moon (Maiden archetype) is about birth and beginnings. Do you need a fresh start? More passion and spontaneity? Or are you learning new things and exploring your creativity? You can embody the energy of the new moon (Maiden) at any age. Perfect for a ritual bath or when you want to celebrate the goddess you are in this moment.


The Full Moon (Mother archetype) is all about active creation.

In a literal sense, you may be in the phase of birthing and raising babies.

Energetically, this translates to growing a business; growing a garden; or growing your personal strength, power, and magic.

It’s about fullness and fulfillment.

It’s YOU -- flourishing.


The dark moon is a final and significant moment of pause before the next moon cycle begins.

It’s the time to assimilate all that we’ve learned or accomplished in the previous cycle.

It’s also our final chance to let go of what we don’t want to carry with us into the manifesting energies of the new moon.

Reach for these salts when you want to take that last deep exhale.

For a job well done. Or a chapter closed. Or just to celebrate everything you are capable of.

Because tomorrow is a new day and you get to start again.

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