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Living a Life of Joy...

...OR, realizing that when you're doing what makes you happy, you're truly living your life's purpose.

Buttercups, harvested from my fields in the spring, bring me joy for the rest of the year

If you're anything like me (and PLEASE someone tell me I'm not alone!), you've probably spent time thinking:

Just what the heck am I supposed to be doing?

What's my purpose in this lifetime?

What does God / Source / the Universe expect of me?

Or in a flashback to my days of Catholic do I get to heaven?

Let's ponder this

Where do we go to find the answers to those big questions?

Years ago, I fell in spiritual love with Dr. Wayne Dyer (remember how he used to have those Sunday morning telethons on PBS?). He was really my introduction to the world of spirituality. Waaaay different than religion. And so much more comfortable. I found I could just slip in and out when I wanted. It was easy. It fit. And then I started thinking... How do I meditate? What if I don't do this right? What if I don't "get" it?

What I thought would be so easy (like the hippies in the glory days of Woodstock) was actually starting to freak me out.

So I read more books. Saw readers, and psychics, and astrologers. I found reassurance and then promptly lost it again. I knew my "purpose" was out there (right?) -- I just needed the right person to point me in its direction.

I became a reiki master-teacher, a feng shui practitioner, and a master dowser.

And yet, I still wasn't sure I was living my purpose. How could I be if I was still questioning whether I had found it?

Finding the answer

A couple of years ago, I was heading into the holiday deadlines. Melting down. Getting my "Grinch" on. And it burst out of me... I yelled. I cried. I pounded the table and screamed, "What is it you want me to do?"

The answer came in immediately and clearly. "They" wanted me to do it all.

But all of "what"? I needed specifics! (Hello...I thought the Universe understood Virgos.)

And then, like a bolt of lightning, I understood. I was to do what makes me happy, what brings me joy.

Because when we are living in joy, we can't help but shine it outward. The light spreads and touches others. By raising our own vibration, we help raise others around us.

Rising tides raise all ships

This is how I found my purpose. It's what I teach my students and clients. It's what I live by. Does it make me happy (without hurting someone else)? If so, then I know I'm on the right path. Because when I'm doing what I love (and the big lesson here is that you don't have to choose JUST ONE THING to love), you're spreading joy. And joy, like love, is contagious.

This huge rose quartz heart sits on my desk...





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