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It's time to cut cords

(Listen closely and you'll hear Elsa singing, "Let it go, let it go...")

Ok, really the last thing you want to hear is ME singing the theme to Frozen. But I know you're humming it in your head now... (cuz I am, too, darn it).

But if that's what it takes to remind us that January (a "frozen" month for many of us) is the perfect time to let stuff go, then I'm ok with having that song on repeat.

We all start life attached by a cord. And we go through life sending out and accepting cords (or attachments) to people, situations, locations, things. Some of these are thin, whispery cords that are as gentle as a long-forgotten memory. But SOME of them can quite literally drain us of our energy, vitality, happiness.

I believe that as inhabitants of this planet, we are connected in some way to every other being that co-resides with us. We exchange oxygen with the plant world, right? That's a "give and receive" situation. Therefore, it makes sense to me that every interaction we have creates a cord of connection. But that does NOT mean that we need to maintain those cords. If we did, I imagine we might energetically look like we were caught in the middle of a spider web.

Examples of connections we do NOT want to hold onto might include:

the person who cut us off in traffic

the grouchy cashier at the grocery store

the less than hoped-for grade on a test

the place we argued with a loved one

the argument itself

Basically, a cord that needs to be cut is something that is holding us back from pure joy. It's annoying. Doesn't feel good. Needs to GO!