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It's Pisces Season: Time to follow your (day) dream


Welcome to Pisces season!

This is one of my favorite times of the year because I’m finally feeling back in the flow of light after slogging through the dark days of winter.

So what are the vibes / goals / opportunities of Pisces season?

Maybe most important: Follow your heart.

Embrace the things that light you up.

AND…we’re in new moon, so it’s time for new beginnings (don't you just love that we get to start fresh every 28 days?).

Now, I heard your deep sigh and I get it.

Sometimes the inspo doesn’t feel like it’s there. You're running out of energy and ideas and motivation.

Believe me. I have those days, too. But it's OK.



I recently posted on Instagram about “B” words.

The message fits perfectly here because it’s easy to let things hold us back, especially when we’re ready to awaken our wildest dreams.

Let's get into feeling BOUNDLESS,


#BOUNDLESS. Push past our limits and chase our wildest dreams.

#BALANCE. Find balance, find peace. Let's strive for equilibrium in all aspects of our lives and live with purpose and grace.

#BLESSED. A gentle reminder to focus on all the good in our lives and be grateful for every moment. Now is the perfect time to put on our rose-colored glasses and spread positivity and joy wherever we go.

What “B” word are you feeling? Maybe you’re feeling all of these and more.

And how about what lights you up? Have you figured that out yet? This one is easier than we give ourselves credit for. Simply ask yourself, "What makes me happy?" then DO it.

Or maybe you're overflowing with ideas right now (I love that about you!).

So how can being in the Pisces flow help us? Glad you asked ...

Have a new idea? RUN TOWARD IT.

De-stress and find your balance. Let that s*%t go if it doesn’t feel right and good.

Honor your inner mystic and allow yourself to (day) dream. Remember — thoughts become things!

The stars and planets are aligned in a way right now that makes all of these opportunities (and SO many more) POSSIBLE.

Enjoy the new moon and the new season , magic makers.

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