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It's mid-February. Now what?

Another good question (seems I often have more questions than answers).

I think the best news is that February is a short month, because it sure has been loooong and cold and snowy and generally gloomy.

But beneath the surface -- of our daily lives AND the earth herself -- things are beginning to stir. Can you feel that hum of anticipation gaining strength daily?

Under the layer of snow and frozen ground (if you're like most of the country right now), the early bulbs are beginning to rouse from their winter rest. They are stretching. Unfurling. And setting roots. Soon they will send up shoots to have a quick look around. They do all of these things automatically and with perfect timing and rhythm.

So now that February is half over (high five), what can we do to hustle the remaining days along?

If you're a gardener, like me, maybe you'll be getting your seed and seedlings orders in. I'm already envisioning where my over-enthusiasm (i.e., winter desperation) will be planted.

Maybe you're beginning to walk or run outdoors. Take note over the next few weeks how the world is subtly changing. The buds on the trees will begin to swell, giving a slight dash of color to winter's sepia tones. I mark Spring's progress by the weeping willows -- they seem to be the very first to step into green here in Virginia.

Or MAYBE you've got spring cleaning on your to-do list. As you CLEAN out winter's dust, don't forget to CLEAR out winter's vibes. Open a window (even a tiny bit) in each room as you clean, and envision anything that doesn't support your fresh attitude being swept away.


A super fast and efficient way to cleanse the energy in a space is to use a clearing spray. Enchanted Botanicals' CLEARING ENERGY SPRAY has been a best-seller for years because it works. The best part? You can use it literally everywhere, including books (think of the vibes lingering on used books), crystals (yep, they carry the energy of everyone who has ever handled them), antique furniture (think of all those peeps before you who sat, slept, or worked there), and YOU. A few quick spritzes and any lingering nasties are whooshed away.

My MAGIC DUST Floor Sweep is another fun AND effective way to make sure you've grabbed up all that "energetic" debris. We think about clearing the energy in a room at eye-level or above, but what about the stuff we bring in on our feet? I like to sprinkle MAGIC DUST on the floor or carpet, let it rest for a few minutes, and then vacuum up or use a broom to sweep it out. You COULD also put some in a pretty bowl in a room and let it do it's thing that way.


Suddenly, after writing these notes, I'm looking forward to grabbing my cleaning (and CLEANSING) supplies and going after those winter blues. I'll get my house in order and be ready to hop outside when the temps warm up just a bit.

And because you know I LOVE a good discount, please use code SPRINGCLEAN at checkout to save 15% on the ENERGY Clearing Spray and MAGIC DUST Floor Sweep.

As always, I'm grateful for each of you. For your questions, your support, your friendship, and your orders. You've kept me going this winter! Stay well. And much love to you all.



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