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How to Welcome the Chi of 2023

Hazy lights and a crystal in gold tones

Now please don't quote me, but from everything I've been reading, we have a real shot at a great year in 2023.

I'm kinda excited. Are you, too?

If so, let's make sure that we're in a position to meet the new year head on.

Like a boss.

Like the master of our universe.

Like the powerful, brilliant, energetic souls that we are.

To help us get there, I'm sharing a few of my favorite, quick and easy ways to welcome all those good vibes heading our way.

Ready? Let's DO this.


A clear quartz crystal with the words: Life won't sparkle unless you do

You may have heard this from me before, but it's worth repeating: The Universe speaks in symbols. And to live our best lives, we need to learn to "speak" or interpret these signs.

It may seem simple, but clean windows are one of the best ways for chi (another word for Universal energy) to enter our homes.

If our view of the world is cloudy, grimy, or bug-streaked, then guess what? The Universe is going to "interpret" that as something that we are comfortable with and give us more of that.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you race to clean every single window before midnight on New Year's Eve. The Universe just isn't that compulsive or unforgiving.

Maybe clean the windows in a room that you use the most... the kitchen, family room, or office. Or maybe where you do your prayer or meditation work. Which windows do you find yourself staring through on a daily basis? Clean those (first).

Or maybe -- just maybe -- it's your reading glasses.

Little steps are JUST FINE. It's all about our intention, right?


A stack of cluttered magazines

Clutter is like dust bunnies -- all of a sudden it's just there.

For me, it's magazines. I mean STACKS of magazines. I just love them. And I think I'll have time to read them (ALL), but of course I never do.

So I did a brutal purge.

At first, I admit, it was a little painful. And I clearly heard my inner guilt-goddess saying, "Wait! That's a really good one. And you KNOW you love THAT cover. Maybe save just a few more..."

But like any energy work, we NEED to have an open space for what we are calling in to land. And if I have stacks of magazines EV-ER-Y-WHERE, then where can the good stuff go to settle?

OUT THEY WENT. Nearly an entire trash can (and oh, no, I'm not talking under-the-kitchen-sink size -- it's a full size can that I'm not sure how the trash men will lift, but I'm trusting the Universe on this one.)

I got INTO it. It felt great to release the guilt of not reading them all. And WOW does the room feel READY for what's next.


Don't panic! You don't need to do a massive overhaul. Just choose a space or two that you are in most often.

Swap lamps.

Change out pillows.

Move the couch or chair or ottoman.

And make sure all of the light bulbs are working.

What you're doing when you rearrange is literally shifting how the energy flows.

If it doesn't flow, it gets stagnant. Stuck. Heavy.

And that's definitely not a way to welcome the good stuff in.


An open medieval door looking onto a lake with green mountains and trees

Here's my EASIEST tip for welcoming in the "fresh chi of '23."

At midnight on New Year's Eve, open your front door and invite in the fresh energy of 2023.

An open door symbolizes welcome, acceptance, new beginnings, and new opportunities.

And aren't these exactly the things we wish for in a new year?


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