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Balance and the Season of Change

photo of an autumnal still life

If I’m honest, winter scares me. The lack of light, the cold, the howling winds ALL make me shiver.

Each perfect autumnal day brings me 24 hours closer to my nemesis – winter. ⠀

So just for now, I’ve stopped looking ahead (which is tough going for an optimist).

Instead, I’m looking at the miracle of a changing season.

The night song of crickets has replaced the early-rising birds.

The falling leaves reveal the sculptural structure of the birches that line our drive.

And the train whistle in the distance is no longer muffled by the cornfields. ⠀

The equinox is about the shifting of balance.

When we slow down our vibration long enough to acknowledge the quiet yet constant changes in nature, we are able to notice the subtle spiritual energies moving around us. Energies that gracefully draw us into balance.

And in the cold, dark months we look for ways to strengthen that balance with symbols of light and warmth.

What better way than candles to bring those symbols into our homes.

photo of the BALANCE Meditation Candle

This formula was gifted to me by Spirit. And I think that's pretty cool.

This candle helps you shine a little light (quite literally) on what needs doing ... or healing ... or balancing.

But it goes further than mind / body / spirit. It can also bring a bit of a warm, dancing light to an otherwise dark day.

Ready to bring autumn indoors with some scent?

You might like two of my new favorite scented candles.

Photo of the SPICED HONEY scented candle

This is the "winter" version of the SUPER POPULAR "Song of the Bees" candle. Spicier, deeper, but just as redolent with the scent of honey.

And like its counterpart, 10% of the proceeds benefit the Bee Conservancy's SAVE THE BEES program.

Photo of the WINTER PEAR scented candle

Pears really come into their own when the weather turns cool.

And brandy is certainly the "spirit" of the season.

Imagine a fire, cozy blanket, good book, and this candle.

Need I say more? An instant classic.


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