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Apples and Seasonal Magic

photo of an apple in a woman's hand

Apples are an ancient and iconic symbol of the season. From Johnny Appleseed to Sleeping Beauty, the apple has been found in myths, stories, and cultures around the world. Did you know that the apple represents regeneration and healing, good health, and future happiness? Apples also symbolize abundance in preparation for the coming winter. They can be dried, preserved, and fermented (who doesn’t love cider?!), providing sustenance throughout the winter months. For all you alchemists, the apple star, which appears when the fruit is cut horizontally, is known as "the Star of Knowledge" and represents the spiritual aspects of life and creation.

photo of an apple cut crosswise

Here’s a sweet story about the star in the apple... The Star Fairy thought for a moment and then said, “I will give each of your apples a star, hidden deep within, and every time a child cuts open an apple, she will see a beautiful star!” And with that, the Star Fairy touched her wand to every apple and planted deep within it a star.

And now for a little magic…

  • Apple is a member of the Rose family and so can be used for protection and setting boundaries.

  • Cut crosswise, apple seeds form a star, corresponding to Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

  • Call on the spirit of Apple when you need to make a BIG transformation.

  • Use a fallen apple branch or twig to create a sacred wand.

  • Save apples seeds to use in a love spell jar.

Lastly, think about creating some abundance magic by placing several apples in bowls and baskets throughout your home. What's your special connection with apples? Do you pick them with your family? Bake with them? Have a special recipe? Please leave me your notes in the comments.


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