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Welcome to my shop. It's time to... live like you are magic®

I hope your heart feels the                    and intention crafted into each of my products. 


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For over 200 years, "Witch Balls" have been part of European folklore and superstition. The "magic" of a Witch Ball is to ward off evil spirits, negativity, and ill fortune by capturing them in the ball's hollow interior. As the spirit becomes mesmerized by the ball's color and reflection, it enters the ball and is captured by the web-like pattern inside.

Hang one or two (or three) in a sunny window and enjoy the way the colors play. Suspend them in the garden to keep the energy flowing. Or keep a bowl of Witch Balls on a table as a reminder that "good energy lives here."

I have been collecting these beautiful glass works for many years and I'm thrilled to be able to offer them now as part of my shop. (PLEASE NOTE: The stand is not included with the Witch Ball.)

These Witch Balls are made of recycled glass in the Carpathian Mountains, the land of superstition, old-world mystery, and storybook folklore. As the ball of molten hot glass is formed, the ball is rolled into colored glass granules to provide the design. Each Witch Ball is uniquely hand-crafted and no two are alike.

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