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I hope your heart feels the                    and intention crafted into each of my products. 


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SAVING GRACE Foaming Foot Scrub

A 2-minute spa day for your feet
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Product Details

We’re on feet all day. Running around. Walking here and there. Chasing kids (or dogs). Shopping, dancing, partying. Feet are just plain busy. So why not treat them to a 2-minute “spa day”? Simply scoop out a little bit of the scrub (while seated) in a warm tub or shower, and rub-a-dub. The scent is a lovely white tea blend. Ahhhh-maxing. You’ll be as relaxed as your tootsies are. The scent is a blend of citrus, tea leaves, tonka, rosewood, cedar, amber, and vetiver.

8oz in a heavy glass jar (glass lid). Comes with a sweet little spoon. The perfect gift to yourself (or someone you love).

Ingredients: glycerin, water, sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut oil), disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, organic sugar, organic rose petals, natural fragrance oil, mica.

ALWAYS test a small patch of skin before use.

Do not ingest.

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