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ROSE QUARTZ Towers (Points), Small and Large

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Product Details

My favorite stone in a beautiful shape.

Known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz is so much more. Self love, romantic love, and universal love — yes. But it’s also a beautiful stone to work with for healing (perhaps a “broken” heart?) and for strengthening a gentle and tender spirit.

Try Rose Quartz if you need to release what no longer serves your highest purpose, including anger, bitterness, abuse, and resentment. On the flip side, this beautiful stone will help enhance trust and forgiveness. And it’s fantastic to raise your spiritual vibration.

I like to use towers for communication. Perfect for sending out prayers, for distance healing, and manifesting.

The small tower is 3.75" high and 2" at the base. It weighs 313 g (11.1 oz). It has the prettiest sparkles.

The large tower is 4.5" high and 2.25" at the base. It weighs 605 g (1.53 lbs).It has a deep streak of "golden healer" and shimmer on all sides.

This stone is not small. It takes up my entire palm. It weighs 293 grams and measures 3.5" w x 3" h.

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