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A powerful blend of 7 resins, each honoring one of the 7 Archangels that we interact with most.

Camael + White Copal: auric cleansing

Gabriel + Golden Copal: balance, dreams, creativity, memory

Jophiel + Rose: holding your vibrations high

Michael + Benzoin: protection, purification, clearing, banishing

Raphael + Frankincense: cleansing, healing, and uplifting the body, mind, and spirit

Uriel + Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh): clears negative energy so you can raise your vibration and receive Divine wisdom

Zadkiel + Myrrh: boosts your spirits and raises your vibe

HOW TO USE: Place a charcoal tab in a heat-proof dish or bowl. Light the tab and gently place pieces of resin on the tab. Allow to smoke in place, or move the bowl through your space to gather and clear energy that no longer serves your highest good.

Always with extreme caution. Do not leave burning incense unattended.

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