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I hope your heart feels the love and intention crafted into each of my products. 

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PEACE Spell Jar

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Product Details

Are you as lost as I am about how to help the brave Ukrainians?

I’ve been wanting to create little  S⋆p⋆e⋆l⋆l⋆ ⋆J⋆a⋆r⋆s  for a while, but as it does, the Universe had me wait. And wait. And then it was time. Now is the time.

And PEACE is the first to appear for soooo many reasons.

These jars layer:

Lemon Balm for healing anxiety + uplifting emotions

Lavender for soothing fear

Rose for healing the heart

Calendula for spiritual wounds

Sunflower to chase away darkness

Blue calcite for community healing

And an angel wing for divine protection.

Now here’s the story of the Sunflowers I use in my products. I’ve been buying them (for years) from the most beautiful flower farmer in Ukraine. She has left her farm and doesn’t know when she will return. But she knows that she will one day. 

The Sunflowers in this PEACE jar are hers and I use them to honor her bravery as well as every brave soul in Ukraine.

I’ve just listed these jars under “Incense” on my website. They are $10 and every penny goes to Ukrainian relief. I hope you’ll consider helping.


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