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"I Know"
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Mercury -- that celestial bad boy -- is getting ready to make his retrograde appearance again. And you know what that means. Technology goes wonky and life seems out of balance. Some say there's not much we can do about it. I say there IS.

First, we can shift the way we think about REtrograde (which simply means that a planet "appears" to be moving backward). Use this as a time to REaffirm your goals; REalign your work/life balance; REconnect to Spirit, your family, yourself. See where I'm going?

Shift out of the FEAR column and back into the LOVE column.

I like to divide the retrograde periods into 3 parts -- the pregame (about 2 weeks before the official retrograde), full-on (this time around, it's September 9 to October 1), and the hangover (the couple of weeks after Mercury goes direct).

Although I'm a Virgo -- a sign ruled by Mercury -- I still like to hedge my bets with this pesky planet. How? Glad you asked.

My MERCURY RETROGRADE Meditation Candle has everything you need to power through these periods.

Lavender helps you RElax and RElease what no longer serves you. This herb is ruled by Mercury (how snazzy is that?) and helps you clear and cleanse your mind.

Rosemary enhances mental clarity and supports your inspiration (think, new ways to rock the retro). It helps you REmember who you are and why you are magical.

Catmint is all about communication (the aspect Mercury rules). When conversations, texts, emails, etc., get crazy, Catmint has your back. It also helps REfresh your attitude about all the crazy.

Lemon Balm (my fave) helps RElieve stress that you might encounter over the next few weeks.

I've also added Anise Hyssop, Sweet Woodruff, Thyme, and Cornflower for the extra punch of magical goodness they offer.

The candle has Lavender, Frankincense, and Orange essential oils.

It's topped with tourmaline chips that sparkle like the stars that surround Mercury on his wild ride.

I hope you love this candle as much as I do.

8 oz

Soy wax



Lead-free wicks

PLEASE use caution when using any lit object (including a candle). NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. Use responsibly. For spiritual purposes. And with love.

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