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I hope your heart feels the love and intention crafted into each of my products. 
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ENCHANTMENT Whipped Energy Scrub

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Product Details

Back by oh-so-popular demand. The Enchantment Scrub is maybe the best way to get your energy squeaky clean (and your skin super smooth at the same time)..

As an empath, you "pick up" energies that don't belong to you all day long. So I created this for YOU -- the teachers, parents, caregivers, light workers. ANYONE who FEELS their way through life.

You might come home feeling tired or cranky, have a headache, or just feel blah. That's because you've picked up energies that just don't belong to you.

Use this scrub to clean up your vibes and leave your hands mega-soft as you do it.

TO USE: Wet your hands and then scoop out a small amount of the scrub. Visualize all those negative vibes lifting off and being replaced by LOVE as you get foamy. Rinse and pat dry. You'll feel more like yourself (only better) in no time.

Ingredients: glycerin, water, sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut oil), disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, organic sugar, organic rose petals, natural fragrance oil, mica.

ALWAYS test a small patch of skin before use.

Do not ingest.

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