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Calcites are the "cleansers" of the crystal world, and Blue Calcite is both powerful and gentle at the same time. According to author Judy Hall, having Blue Calcite in your room will cleanse it (and you) of negative or stagnant energies. It is linked to higher consciousness, opens higher awareness and psychic abilities, and helps accelerate your spiritual development. Blue Calcite can soothe anxiety and calm the spirit. It can absorb inappropriate energies and return them to you in a cleared and purified state. And when clear communication among family and friends is required, Blue Calcite to the rescue!

This is an absolutely gorgeous, hand-selected sphere (my personal favorite shape). I like to use them as the center stone in a crystal grid, as their energy radiates outward in every direction. Spheres represent unity, wholeness, completion, oneness, and the divine feminine (because of their womb shape). I think they just feel really good in your hand.

This sphere measures 3” across and weighs almost 1.25 lbs. What I love most about this sphere are the bands of color and the sparkle throughout.

From Madagascar.

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